Thursday, February 13, 2020

Trump National Doral


The Miami Reinsurance Golfing & Leisure Benevolent & Protective Society LLC (The Miami Reinsurance Market) was created by a group of Reinsurance Companies' located in Miami that underwrite the Latin American and Caribbean Insurance markets.

Our only goal is to share a special day playing golf with most of our common clients, partners and brokers in the market.

The MRGLBPS is integrated by the following companies:

On behalf of the Miami Reinsurance Market, it gives us a great pleasure to organize this golf tournament during the February Miami Reinsurance and Insurance Market.

We will play the RED TIGER and GOLDEN PALMS Courses


February 13th, 2020


4400 N.W. 87th Ave. 
Miami  FL 33178


12:00 pm


Scramble. Two drivers from each player must be used and there is no score higher than a bogey


Clubs & shoes rentals

Clubs: $85
Shoes: $25


To start at 5.30PM at Outside Patio or W&G Ballroom ABC

Discounted room rate

$230+ per night


All prizes are per course.


Red Tiger Course

Hole in 1 - #2:                        Summa Brickell      $1,500

Longest Drive - #12:             CRM            $500

Closest to the Pin - #8:         CRM            $500 

Closest to the Pin - #14:       CRM            $500 

Top 3 team prizes:                 AIR              $2,500                          

Drink Cart:                              Som.Us

Drink Station 1:                      DAC Beachcroft

Drink Station 2:                      Mc Larens

Golden Palm Course

Hole in 1 - #7:                        Avia                $1,500

Longest Drive - #3:               CRM                $500

Closest to the Pin - #12:      CRM                $500

Closest to the Pin - #7:        CRM                $500

Top 3 team prizes:                 BMS               $2,500 

Drink Cart:                              Som.Us

Drink Station 1:                      DAC Beachcroft

Drink Station 2:                      JS Held

Drink Station 3:                      IBS

​​Golf instruction clinic: Aon & Js Held

Master drinks station: Baalnak

Boxed lunches: Ed Broking

Buffet: Guy Carpenter

Cigar rolling station: Capsicum

Casino (Black Jack): CRM

GPS Screen: Baalnak


1 Drive from each player, and there is no score higher than a Bogey. Only 1 Shot per contestant and Only 1 Prize per player.

Prize Conditions:

Yardage: the target Hole(s) yardage shall be no less than the specified yardage.

A Hole in One Winner will not win any other prize i.e. closest to the Pin or Longest Drive.

Contestant Category: Only amateur players. Ladies are eligible for the 15 yards reduction.

The mission of Voices For Children Foundation, Inc. is to raise funds to ensure that every abused, abandoned and neglected child in Miami-Dade County has a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem (GAL) and that financial assistance and other resources are available for their health, educational, and social needs.




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